It can be daunting employing a professional genealogist to research on your behalf or as a gift for a loved one...I pride myself on providing a free no obligation consultation, on always making deadlines, on replying quickly to emails, on great attention to detail, and mostly on the feedback I am lucky enough to receive from people whom I have helped with their family history

Naomi Davies

It does seem that you have made a very important breakthrough in my family history. As I told you, I have been struggling with this particular part of my research for many years, and at last there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Teresa Cruwys, Derby (2016)

Naomi has recently completed my family history and I couldn't be happier with the result. Naomi is incredibly accurate in her research and extremely thorough, and has created something for me that I can hand down to future generations. Not only is the written detail so interesting and well written, it is presented beautifully too. What a fantastic piece of history myself and my family now have, thoroughly recommend it.
Richard Inman, Cambridge (2016)

An amazing and excellent experience. Naomi took my initial attempt to discover my family to greater detail, reliability and further into the past. I am amazed at the amount of work and information provided. Mysteries I encountered were solved and dead ends successfully navigated. In addition salient background information on social history of the times was added. I would highly recommend Helpful Genealogy to fulfil all those dreams and thoughts you have harboured about your family history for so many years.
Steve Carter, Ely (2015)

For years I had wanted to trace my family history on my fathers side, I knew nothing about them as my paternal grandfather died when my father was only very young. It always remained a mystery. I tried researching myself but I hit a brick wall. I found Naomi and she has been a joy to work with. She explained the process to me and always kept me updated with her progress. I received the final package and am very impressed with the amount of work that she has done. Even including help if I want to research further which I definitely will be doing. The mystery is finally solved and I will definitely be contacting Helpful Genealogy in the future. Thank you so much Naomi.
Felicity Marshall-Lopez, Buckhurst Hill (2015)

Naomi has done a brilliant job researching my family tree back to 1790. She has provided not only full family records, but added salient background notes on the social history of the times and some pertinent press cuttings. I fully recommend her services which I hope to make use of again.
Adrian Challen, Cambridge (2015)

Naomi from Helpful Genealogy comes with my full endorsement. She completed for us a very interesting Family Tree with full family records plus so much more from pictures to war medals. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with her work.
CR Barton, King's Lynn (2015)

Just saw my mom who says that it arrived. She looked very happy with it and was raving to us as she headed out for dinner. She has already taken it over to my sister to look at. It is job well done. I appreciated the way you kept going with it and produced a good finished product.
Jonny Peter, Oxford (2015)

I received the family tree and could not believe the amount of work Naomi had clearly carried out, and the vast quantity of information, going back over 200 years, she has uncovered. Very interesting and exciting! I would have no hesitation in recommending her - a high quality and very helpful and friendly service.
(name withheld), Lincolnshire (2015)

For a very special Birthday I requested a family tree and my husband used Naomi of Helpful Genealogy We were so pleased with Naomi and the information we received we would recommend her to any one who is thinking of having their family history researched. Many thanks for your help.
Pat Harrison, Dorset (2015)

Thank you for the wonderful job you have done on the family tree for me - to have it done so quickly. It's been a real pleasure working with you. I recommend Helpful Genealogy for anyone who is searching a family tree. Thank you!
Colin Leatham, Australia (2015)

Wow! Brilliant, thank you very much. Now will read your findings over and over to grasp what you have found out. It has been a puzzle and finally solved with a few surprises. We will...without hesitation contact you again for your services.
Len Gunn, Brentwood (2015)

I am delighted to provide Naomi with a glowing testimonial. She has researched my father’s line, my mother's and now both sides of my wife’s families. Superb work. Thank you Naomi.
Brien Walker, Saffron Walden (2015)

I was a beginner at genealogy and running into problems wherever I looked. I was frustrated and ready to give up...... Then I found Naomi and Helpful Genealogy, which "did exactly as it says on the tin". I found Naomi helpful and reassuring and always quick at answering my enquiries by email or phone. Her work seams obsessively accurate which gives me great confidence that the final document is accurate. I would recommend Helpful Genealogy to research your family tree.
Heather Kirk, East Lothian (2014)

From the moment my husband and I first contacted Naomi at Helpful Genealogy, she has been nothing but professional, highly communicative and helpful throughout the entire process. She has gone above and beyond, to help me solve a specific dead-end mystery on my Mother's side of the family tree. Her attention to detail is fantastic, her knowledge of genealogy matters and practical advice has helped me to decide on my own approach going forward. It was also much appreciated that she was able to help me migrate my Windows based programme data into the right structure for my Mac, saving me having to re-enter my research to date. I would have no hesitation in recommending Naomi to others, when I next need some guidance I know exactly whom to call first!
Johanna Booker, Gravesend (2014)

Naomi, the family tree is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!
Sonia Leach, Cambridge (2014)

I am thrilled with the fascinating family tree that Naomi has compiled on my family. Not only is it an amazing legacy to hand down to my own sons, but it has brought up so many memories for the older members of my family.
Sue Tollerfield, North London (2014)

Unfortunately my son hit a brick wall with researching our family tree and contacted Naomi for some advice. Naomi was very happy to give her advice and time. I followed this up with a telephone call to her and Naomi said if I scanned some of the documents to her she would let me know if she thought she could help tracing our family tree back any further, before I actually paid anything. Naomi did a brilliant job in getting us to the next step in our research and I will most definitely be using her again should we hit another stumbling block.
I was surprised at how quickly Naomi got back to me with the relevant information and report, advising me also what next steps I should take, certificates to obtain and explaining where we had gone wrong. Such a professional and speedy service!
Linda Kelly, Ely (2014)

I asked Naomi to do my family tree a few months ago. It's been really enjoyable dealing with her. She has been very patient. Found lots of information about relatives that my family had no knowledge of. Also she always replies to e-mails quickly. When she says she will do something, it gets done. I'm really pleased with the results as Naomi made the process easy for us. Thank You Naomi. My family and I are very grateful to you for all the hard work you did for us.
Carol Truscott, Haslemere (2014)

I am absolutely blown away! Thank you so much!
Irene Palmer, Deal (2014)

Thank you for tracing our family tree. We were both amazed and very grateful for the amount of hard work you have put into each of our folders. Your hours of research are backed with interesting facts,newspaper cuttings, certificates, and war records, to name just a few. It has been fascinating reading and your tips to take it further are something that we will look into with great excitement. This was a wonderful gift from my husband and one we can pass onto our own children. They will be able to add to it for future generations. You offer a friendly and professional service and we won't hesitate to use you again. We highly recommend you. Thank you very much.
Andrew and Heather Montague, Saffron Walden (2014)

I am very pleased with Naomi's work. She finished my project far sooner than I had hoped. In making reproductions of documents in poor condition, she took care to get the best quality images possible. Now I have a good lead on my family back to the late 16th century.
Larry Cates, North Carolina (2013)

We had come to a dead end whilst researching a 5th generation family member and couldn't for the life of us solve this complicated mystery. Naomi got to the bottom of the problem and backed up the research with plenty of evidence. Went above and beyond what we were expecting and we fully recommend her services.
Dan Thompson, Colchester (2013)

I've received your pack of research, thank you and I can't believe how much you have come up with! I have had a look through it am very pleased and looking forward to studying it in more depth. The amount of detail which you have gone to is very impressive and congratulations on going back so far - I never expected to go back to 1770. All your meticulous work is much appreciated once again and this latest research will now be filed with the previous work which you did for me on my grandmother's side of the family. You will definitely hear from me again when I decide which direction to go off on to next!
Margaret Nash, Great Dunmow (2013)

I had long been researching my Family History but had shied away from searching for one stem of the family whose surname was Smith. How fortunate I was then to be given by my children and grandchildren for my 80th Birthday the gift of the services of a genealogist Naomi Davies to aid my research. Naomi by her knowledge, expertise and thorough research found nine, maybe even ten, cousins and second cousins of this Smith family for me. I am excited by this and extremely grateful. Her research not only provided names and addresses for my Family Tree but she recommended archival references, enabling me to pursue further lines of investigation myself. Her final Report was precise and clearly presented. Naomi Davies offers a professional and friendly service to anyone looking for genealogical assistance towards compiling their family history.
Rita Collie, London (2013)

Thank you ever so much Naomi for all your sterling work discovering six generations on each of my lines. Finding my paternal grandfather’s merchant navy records with a photo of him was a personal highlight amongst so much incredible information you uncovered about my family. Would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.
Geoff Meall, Islington (2013)

I am so pleased and impressed with the amount of work that you have put in on my behalf. It is very comprehensive. I am so appreciative of your hard work.
Pauline Goom, Nuneaton (2013)

Naomi discovered a mystery, a long military career, serving all over the world, and a famous potter, we are delighted with all her hard work. I will recommend [her] to anyone who is thinking of tracing their family tree.
Jane Buckley-Tynan, Liverpool (2013)

I had been researching my family tree for a while and I had hit a dead end with one part of my family. I contacted Naomi and I was very pleased. She is professional, but more importantly warm, likeable and someone you can trust with your potential family secrets! I will be using her again in the near future.
Hayley Booth, Taunton (2013)

Naomi’s work was life-changing for me. I’m from the United States and learned at the age of 47 (I’m now 52) that I was born to British parents in the UK, adopted by an American couple and moved to the United States at the tender age of nine months. I didn’t have a means of tracing my ancestry in the United States until I learned of Naomi’s services through a friend and I contacted her to assist me in the search of my biological family. She went beyond my expectations in tracing my family line and helping me to put together the missing pieces of my life. She has helped me to discover my lost heritage and has given me the ability to establish contact with relatives I didn’t know existed. My heartfelt gratitude to Naomi for her work which has changed me forever. If you need to discover your heritage, I highly recommend Naomi for the job!
John Rogers, United States (2012)

Package arrived and I have started to go through it. It exceeds my expectations by a considerable margin and I am delighted and amazed by the level of research you have done and the results you have achieved. Many thanks once again on your quite brilliant work.
Stephen Beesley, Cape Town (2012)

Thank you so much for helping me to find out where my ancestors came from. As my mother was adopted, I had no idea of names, places or where to start!! I am really enjoying going through my family history and the way you have put together the family tree and even given their employment details makes it interesting reading.
Lesley Wise, Hertfordshire (2012)

Many thanks for all the help. Without you [it] would have been impossible. We are meeting up with our new relatives in November.
Angela Bennett, Kingswinford (2012)

My granddad loved it! My whole family were really impressed especially since the Thomas family is so vast in our area. Thank you for all your hard work.
Angharad McKenzie, Carmarthenshire (2012)

I am really grateful. Thank you. It's all come together so quickly, and I know the truth which I thought would never happen. Thank you again.
Adele Bennett, Dudley (2012)

Your report was fantastic!
Vince Jones, Newcastle Emlyn (2012)

Just wanted to say thank you again for another excellent batch of info as a result of your diligent research. You've uncovered some family members who we've been wondering about for 60 years and wouldn't have been able to find without your expertise. Many thanks!
Margaret Nash, Great Dunmow (2012)

Thank you so much for all the information you sent me. I am delighted with the detail and had not expected so much. I was very apprehensive at the start, contacting an unknown person for help but needn't have worried.
Pauline Davison, North Shields (2012)

To say that I am ecstatic would be an understatement: I have wondered all my adult life about this circus connection and, never having anybody to ask, I never thought I would find out anything about it. Had you just been able to prove that 'old so-and-so' ran off with the circus would have satisfied me, but to be able to see this fabulous website with all the info and photos is absolutely fantastic. I can't thank you enough for what you've done, I am truly overwhelmed.
Margaret Nash, Great Dunmow (2012)

After being stuck on my Grandfather for months I made contact with Naomi ... for 3 hours, she found his birth certificate, my great grandparent’s marriage certificate and more ... I would highly recommend Naomi's services. Thanks Naomi.
Dave Brown, Portsmouth (2012)

Thank you for all your help in helping to find my family.
Walter West, St Osyth, Essex (2012)

Helpful Genealogy has resolved some knotty problems that have plagued me for some time. I have no hesitation whatever in recommending Helpful Genealogy to any prospective user.
Ronald D Francis, Melbourne Australia (2011)

A fantastic service. Helpful Genealogy was exactly that – helpful! It is so hard to find a reliable researcher nowadays. I would certainly recommend this service.
Barry Kennerk, County Meath, Ireland (2011)

A big Thank You, so helpful and patient with me. I can highly recommend Naomi. Cannot wait for your next visit, so I can learn even more surprises. So once again a Big Thank You.
Leslie Palmer, Ickleton, Essex (2011)

Naomi was very helpful and provided me with a guiding hand to trace back family. I have tried to do the work by myself however, I did have some gaps and felt I was getting nowhere. Naomi provided me with excellent solutions, options and extensive data, which was both easy to read and to follow.
Polly Robertson, London (2011)

Helpful Genealogy was helpful, informative and great value for money. I found out loads to add to my family tree and was really pleased with the service. I would use them again too! Many thanks to Helpful Genealogy for all your hard work.
Sarah Saywell, March, Cambs (2011)

Thank you so much for all the work you've done on my father's side of the family. I'm very happy with it all .. I can't wait to do my mum's side next - thanks again.
D Bennett, Bexhill on Sea (2011)

It has been a pleasure communicating with you and has felt as though I've been dealing with a friend and not someone I've never met. Your research has been fast and efficient and filled in gaps in my family history that I have been wondering about for years!
Jennie McColl, Ascot (2011)

I was delighted to receive your documents with all the information I requested...Thank you so much for the work you have done and the prompt and professional manner in which you corresponded with me. I certainly would not have found this information without your help. I appreciate the fact that you even went the 'extra mile' to include more details to add to our knowledge.
Rosalind McLeod, Australia (2011)

I can't thank you enough. I would be happy for you to give my details to anyone to phone me up so I can tell them how wonderful you are!
Derek Saunders, Buntingford (2011)

I have been so impressed with Naomi's professional approach in tracing our family history. She has been able to show sensitivity, creativity and logic. Her experience and the results achieved make it easy to recommend her services, and all with a friendly manner...
Susan Wray, Malvern (2011)

I am so appreciative of the excellent research you carried out on my father's line Naomi. You were able to take it back to the 1750s in such a short time, so I was able to bring your CD and the hard copy with me to New Zealand. Needless to say the family has been fascinated and feel it is a marvellous gift for the upcoming generations. I have also appreciated your professional approach and enthusiasm, as you peeled back layer after layer. Also your helpful suggestions for investigating even further back, and the best way of making contact with distant relations.
Susan Davis, New Zealand (2010)

Thank you for all your help with [my husband's] family tree. You've done a great job and [he] thinks this is the best birthday present ever!
Kay Webb, Cambridge (2010)

Naomi is a role model for genealogists and to say I am pleased with her efforts would be an understatement. I provided her with the name of a Russian who fought for the British Army and was thought to have emigrated here after the war. Naomi uncovered his real name (we had wrong spelling), his army records, death certificate, newspaper cuttings - all from the briefest of info - when others had failed. First class at what she does and very reasonable costs.
Don Taylor, Chingford (2010)

Helpful Genealogy provides an excellent value for money service, Naomi’s response to any query was swift and nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone thinking of having their family tree traced.
Pat Porter, Birmingham (2010)

I have now received your package, and it all looks fantastic. Thank you for all the research and compiling you have done for me. I will certainly recommend you to other people.
Denise Leader, Windsor (2010)

I would like to thank you so much for researching our family history. It is so fascinating we can hardly put it down. How you have done it makes it clear and easy to follow.
Nessie Mills, Northampton (2010)

I strongly recommend using Helpful Genealogy - Naomi was able to find far more information than I'd expected, and within a very short space of time. Definitely worth the money!
Jeannie Scott, Oxford (2010)

Thank you for my Family Tree Package which has arrived safely. I was not expecting to receive so much information such as copy Wills, Deeds and Birth Certificates. I must say that your efforts have been spectacular and the information you have found out about my 'past families' is amazing, for e.g. I loved the way you enclosed an interesting article on 'The Daisy' Yacht that my Grandfather had worked on carting grain to London up the Thames. This gave me a fascinating background to his former life, by the time I remembered him he was a Grumpy Old Man!!! Thank you also for enclosing the History of Snitterton Hall, Derbyshire the residence of R Sybray 1861. The amount of information you have provided is staggering and would have taken me years to accumulate. You have been efficient and reliable and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wishing to find out about their Ancestory, in this I give you permission to pass on my email address should anyone require a reference.
Nikki Houghton, Australia (2010)

Naomi was exceptionally helpful and did an excellent job of researching my family tree. I have found her to be really friendly and helpful and have recommended her to a number of my friends.
Clare Holmes, Birmingham (2010)

Excellent and easy to use as good communication helped to move the search forward. Evidence and research was presented in an easy to understand format, which provided me with a fascinating insight into my family.
Philip Squirrell, Ipswich (2010)

Thank you so much for all the work you did recently on my family tree. It is something I have wanted to do for years but never really knew where to start. Dealing with you was a pleasure throughout the whole process.
Danny Hudson, Peterborough (2010)

I would like to thank you so much for working so hard on my family genealogy. You don't know how surprised I was when my daughter gave me this for Christmas. She told me how hard you had worked on it to have it ready for Christmas and our whole family really appreciates this. Again, thanks so much. It's so special to know about your family background.
Linda Stotesbury, Niagara Falls, Canada (2010)

I can't thank you enough for your help!!! You have been amazing and I appreciate it so much!
Sarah Jackson, Selby, Yorkshire (2009)

Naomi offered me the option of having my family history professionaly bound. Having a family that doesn’t gather around a lot, I decided to order some for Christmas. They arrived today and all I can say is ‘Wow’, they are fabulous and well worth the money. My Uncles and mother are going to be so thrilled with them. Can't wait for Christmas now!!! Thanks Naomi, it was a great idea.
Lucy Carvall, Essex (2009)

Thank you so much for all your help. The presentation of information was really good and very informative. It has also given me a good start to fully documenting the research. You never know - if I get "stuck" again, I may be back!
Sheena King, Hampshire (2009)

A tree which seemed impossible to be researched and built was made possible all thanks to Naomi Davies - she worked with very few details and managed to piece the research together (with proof these are our ancestors) into the most comprehensive family tree. My family are most grateful for finally understanding our roots. Naomi was not only thorough but efficient and friendly to work with.
Loretta Clark, Cambridgeshire (2009)

My grandma left my mother and three other daughters in the 1930s never to return or be heard of again. The one thing my elderly mother wanted more than anything was closure on what happened to her mother. In such a sensitive situation I did not want anyone with platitudes or raising false expectations in my quest to find my Grandma. Having exhausted all the normal avenues, such as genealogy websites, I had the great good fortune to come across Naomi at Helpful Genealogy. She was professional, an excellent listener and above all responsive to my request to find my grandma. She told me what the likelihood of finding her was, the approach she would take and the costs (which were very reasonable). She did what she promised, kept me informed and found her. For my mother and her sisters this was not a happy ending but one of a deep sense of closure and satisfaction about knowing what had happened. There was happiness in that they all found a new sister as my grandma had started a new life. Through Naomi we have had closure, found a new part of the family and despite the emotions, this has brought us together as a family, particularly those of us who over the years have lost touch to a large degree. I would have no hesitation in recommending Naomi, in particular, and my family is deeply grateful for not only her efficacy but her sensitivity and human touch.
John Hemming, Liverpool (2009)

Naomi Davies provided a first class personal service - her enthusiasm and interest in the research work was evident and she was prepared to go the extra mile to make my wife's family tree a fantastic journey of discovery. A fascinating process, a great researcher and an unqualified recommendation.
Martin How, Chingford (2009)

The research Naomi completed not only helped where I had become 'stuck' with my family tree, it really brought the names to life, creating real people, where they lived and what jobs they did. Naomi's work has also inspired me to continue genealogy as a hobby whilst looking at my ancestral county with new eyes.
Allison Bentley, Cambridge (2009)

Thank you for the work you've done for me. You've sorted out a lot of problems, things I just couldn't get my head around.
Brenda Wells, Nottingham (2009)

I have received the pack and [it] looks great. Thank you again for all your help.
Paul Tyrrell, Channel Islands (2009)

Thanks v much for your research Naomi. Yet again you have come up trumps!
Tracy Selby, Yorkshire (2009)

I contacted Helpful Genealogy having been recommended by somebody to research my partner's family tree. I was very impressed with the service, timescale and updates provided to me and the presentation on completion was second to none. I would strongly recommend anyone considering contacting a genealogist to consider Naomi first.
Tracy Cosham, Eastbourne (2009)

I do not know how to thank you for all your hard work. Without you I would not have carried on. Thank you for helping me find out who I am and where I come from.
Joseph Sharp, Harwich (2009)

Helpful Genealogy have produced a stunning family tree for me. I would thoroughly recommend Naomi, her work was amazing, she kept me up to date all the way through, and the finished tree is awesome. Thanks Naomi.
Colin Greenfield, Felixstowe (2009)

Thank you so much, Naomi, for all your help on the family tree, as well as on background information too. If I were ever asked, I would recommend you to others like a shot.
Charles Fraser, Surrey (2008)

Meeting Naomi has opened doors I would never have been able to do by myself! I was completely stuck researching my orphaned great-grandmother and I truly believed that it would not be possible to go back any further along that particular line. However, Naomi has totally astonished me by finding and tracing, in no time at all, an unexpected and fascinating branch of my family (complete with press cuttings and articles about them)! I consider myself so lucky to have met Naomi - a lot of the jigsaw pieces have now fallen into place - anyone seeking help researching their own family should get in touch with her - don't hesitate.
Susan Martin, Bedford (2008)

Great personal genealogy service and in-depth ancestry research delivered in a personal and professional way. I would have no hesitation recommending anyone who wants to find out more about their family history to use this genealogy service. Brilliant!!
Mark Harvey, London (2008)

Thank you Naomi, both R and S were really pleased with their family trees. I was very impressed how quickly you managed to turn this around and also how effortless it was for me. I would definitely recommend your service to any friends looking for similar.
Daniel Larcombe, Leeds (2008)

I wanted to buy my mother a family tree for her birthday and Christmas present - I was fed up listening to her going on about us having musical backgrounds although none of us can sing a note!! I looked on the internet and found Naomi and Helpful Genealogy! After a sketchy family history written down for Naomi to work from, she has produced a family tree going back 6 generations to a relative who was at the Battle of Waterloo! And in case you were wondering, yes, we did have musical talents in the family - Naomi found pictures and newspaper reviews. Without Naomi’s help and patience, another year would have gone by with mutterings of ‘shall we do a family tree’!! I can't recommend her work highly enough.
Lucy Carvall, Essex (2008)

I have just received a fantastic birthday present from my husband. Within a short space of time Naomi has prepared a family tree, plus history, and discovered huge amounts about my family which I never knew. An excellent and very personal service which I can thoroughly recommend.
Brenda Thorogood, Bedfordshire (2008)

I asked Naomi to find out more about my father's history. I knew where he was born and his birth date. I felt sure that he had been married before meeting my mother and that he had probably changed his surname. Naomi found out an astonishing amount of information in a very short space of time. Anyone wanting to find out more about their family history should definitely enlist her help. Not only was she thorough, I felt she was really interested in getting to the bottom of a very complex story.
Geoffrey King, Cambridge (2008)

I thought a family tree would be a nice surprise for my brother’s 60th birthday and he was stunned by the amount of detail and how many ancestors we have found from all over the country. I’ve tried to find the family tree myself but you really need someone who knows not only what to look for but where to look, and Helpful Genealogy does just that. Looking for a service on the internet can be scary with confusing lists of companies but I struck lucky with Naomi and would recommend anyone needing help with plotting their family tree to use Naomi for a thoroughly reliable, honest and totally professional service.
Sue Davis, Romney Marsh, Kent (2008)

Many thanks...What you have achieved is quite remarkable...a mixture of tenacity and common sense...I for one am most impressed.
Mike McQuade, Southampton (2008)

Just to let you know I received the parcel this morning containing the completed family history. I am so thrilled and amazed at the amount of work you have put in to this project and must admit to being quite emotional when I looked at all the information you have provided. Never in a million years would I have managed to obtain all the information listed and am quite staggered that you have researched all of this in such a short period of time.
Ann Simmonds, West Sussex (2008)

Glad your work is coming in because that is how it ought to be - you are making a difference to people's lives. Thank you so much for what you have done for me, I am eternally grateful.
Tracy Selby, Yorkshire (2008)

I decided to buy a family tree as a surprise present for my wife. Naomi was very helpful, her research was detailed and thorough and we were both delighted with the finished product. I would highly recommend helpfulgenealogy.
Graham Walker, Cambridge (2008)

It was wonderful getting the report on my father's family. Everyone in the family was thrilled. Thank you.
Margaret Morrison, London (2008)

After some of years of being registered on "Genes Reunited" without any success, it is through Naomi that my husband has found a family of cousins he did not know existed, including one who is living almost on our doorstep. She has also given us faces to names of other people from our past.
Madeleine Simpson, Portsmouth (2008)

I am amazed at your being able to find so many references in such a short time!
Cherry Heywood-Jones, Cambridge (2008)

I was amazed at the amount of detail, together with the evidence, which has provided me with a full and interesting family tree.
Brenda Rickelton, Newcastle upon Tyne (2008)

Very helpful in confirming much of the information I'd collected so far, and also found extra details which I'm thrilled to be able to look into further.
Tytn Hays, Cambridge (2008)

I knew very little about my family history, yet within a couple of hours, I could already see my family tree taking shape!
James Caton, Winchester (2008)

I thought I'd looked everywhere for information about the history of our new house near Cambridge, to no avail, but Naomi at helpfulgenealogy actually managed to find the original architect's plans!
Mel Lerway, Cottenham (2007)

After years of research I felt as if I had hit a brick wall and I could make no more progress back up the family tree. However once Naomi started helping I was utterly amazed by what she turned up in just a few weeks. Not only did she extend the tree back in time, she found out details to help flesh out the lives of my ancestors.
Jack Katz, Stanmore (2007)

You did wonders with such minimal information - Wow!
John Ricklewaite, Norwich (2007)

I knew I'd never find the time to investigate our family history - helpfulgenealogy put together a wonderful family tree for me remarkably quickly.
Dan Morelli, Cambridge (2007)

Naomi helped me track down a family ancestor who we knew left England in 1890s to train horses in the Far East but very little else- I didn't even know where to start!
Justin Perry, Durham (2007)

Thank you for the family tree. You have obviously put in a lot of work and it is quite fascinating. I think that all my siblings and nephews should be and will be impressed.
Tim Williams, France (2007)

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