• professional, but more importantly warm, likeable and someone you can trust.
    • Hayley Booth, Taunton
  • My heartfelt gratitude to Naomi for her work which has changed me forever. If you need to discover your heritage, I highly recommend Naomi for the job!
    • John Rogers, USA
  • exceeds my expectations by a considerable margin
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  • the way you have put together the family tree and even given their employment details makes it interesting reading
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  • Without you [it] would have been impossible.
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  • My whole family were really impressed
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  • I am delighted with the detail and had not expected so much
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  • helpful, informative and great value for money
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  • I can't wait to do my mum's side next!
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  • It has felt as though I've been dealing with a friend
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  • ...appreciate the fact that you even went the "extra mile"
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  • She has been able to show sensitivity, creativity and logic
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  • I appreciated your professional approach and enthusiasm
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  • ...the best birthday present ever!
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  • First class at what she does and very reasonable costs
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  • I can't thank you enough for your help!!!
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  • ...all I can say is ‘Wow’...fabulous and well worth the money
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  • ...presentation of information was really good and very informative.
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  • ...once Naomi started helping I was utterly amazed by what she turned up...
    • Jack Katz, Stanmore
  • ...amazed at your being able to find so many references in such a short time!
    • Cherry Heywood-Jones, Cambridge
  • ...did wonders with such minimal information - Wow!
    • John Ricklewaite, Norwich
  • After years of being registered on "Genes Reunited" without any success, it is through Naomi that my husband has found a family...
    • Madeleine Simpson, Portsmouth
  • ...helped me track down an ancestor who we knew left to train horses in the Far East - I didn't even know where to start!
    • Justin Perry, Durham
  • Naomi's engagement and enthusiasm was evident from the beginning...
    • Martin How, London
  • ...her work was amazing, she kept me up to date all the way through, and the finished tree is awesome.
    • Colin Greenfield, Felixstowe
  • ...I can't recommend her work highly enough.
    • Lucy Carvall, Essex
  • I consider myself so lucky to have met Naomi...anyone seeking help researching their own family should get in touch with her - don't hesitate.
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  • Not only was she thorough, I felt she was really interested in getting to the bottom of a very complex story.
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  • Great personal genealogy service and in-depth ancestry research delivered in a personal and professional way...Brilliant!!
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  • ...once Naomi started helping I was utterly amazed by what she turned up...
    • Jack Katz, Stanmore
  • ...amazed at your being able to find so many references in such a short time!
    • Cherry Heywood-Jones, Cambridge
  • ...did wonders with such minimal information - Wow!
    • John Ricklewaite, Norwich
  • After years of being registered on "Genes Reunited" without any success, it is through Naomi that my husband has found a family...
    • Madeleine Simpson, Portsmouth
  • ...so thrilled and amazed at the amount of work you have put in to this project and must admit to being quite emotional...
    • Ann Simmonds, West Sussex
  • ...a surprise present for my wife. Naomi was very helpful, her research was detailed and thorough and we were both delighted...
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  • Yet again you have come up trumps!
    • Tracy Selby, Yorkshire
  • I would have no hesitation in recommending Naomi, in particular, and my family is deeply grateful for not only her efficacy but her sensitivity and human touch.
    • John Hemming, Liverpool
  • ...helped me track down an ancestor who we knew left to train horses in the Far East - I didn't even know where to start!
    • Justin Perry, Durham
  • Naomi was not only thorough but efficient and friendly to work with.
    • Loretta Clark, Cambridgeshire

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for, to help explain the options available, to gather what information you may already have, and to give you an understanding of the process, and the time and cost involved.

I generally limit my research to within the UK, and as far back as the early 1800s, but I'm happy to undertake earlier research for the Cambridgeshire area.

So, how can I help you?

You have thought about looking into your family history, but never seem to have the time?

I can do the research for you, and present you with your finished family history. I need very little information to get started, so you can even get this done as a surprise gift for other family members. You can have just one surname line researched, or the full four surname lines.

Family tree packages

I can provide complete family trees, going as far back as the early 1800s, either for one surname line, or for an entire family.

You receive a beautifully presented pack containing:

  • a fully sourced genealogical report listing ancestors' dates of birth, marriage, and death, places of origin, residences, and occupations
  • a quick summary to give you the outline of your family
  • printouts of all the census returns, baptismal records, certificates that I have collated during the course of the research
  • reports on any unusual occupations
  • military service record printouts [where available]
  • any articles or extra information I come across in the course of my research, such as playbills, Old Bailey trial transcripts, etc
  • Google map printouts for locations listed
  • a report of suggested next steps for your research
  • an accompanying CD containing all the above information plus...
  • your family tree in four different layouts
  • a GEDCOM file of your tree (this is a special computer file which can be imported into most family tree software programs, should you wish to continue the research yourself)

One surname line covers the birth, marriage and death of each member of a distinct line within your family tree, for example: your father, your father's father, your father's father's father, etc, back until the early 1800s. It gives details of who each male ancestor married, and lists names, occupations, and residences of all immediate family members as found in the censuses.
One surname line equates to 15-20 hours of my time, and costs £410

Typically a 'full' family tree would consist of 4 surname lines (one from each grandparent).
This full package equates to around 60-80 hours of my time, and costs £1485

If I need to purchase any birth, marriage or death certificates in order to confirm identities of ancestors in your family tree, I will contact you before doing so. Unlike most other professional genealogists, I do not make a profit on ordering birth marriage and death certificates, but just pass on the exact cost of the certificate from the National Register Office (a standard certificate costs £9.25).

Someone special has a big birthday coming up and you're looking for the perfect gift?

If there's time, I can have their family history ready for you to present on the big day. If it's a more last minute thing, I can provide the perfect voucher for you to give. This can either be for a completed package, or to help them with research they may have already started.
Gift vouchers start from as little as £90

You are interested in doing your own family history research, but don't know where to start?

My Family History Starter Kit is what you need to get going. If you can provide a full name and location for an ancestor from around the 1900s, I can provide at least 2 birth or marriage certificates, census returns for 1901 or 1911, and a full report advising you on what steps to take next. I can also recommend suitable software to use if you want to get everything on computer.
A Family History Starter Kit is £200.

You have been doing your own research, but you're stuck?

Let me help! I love a challenge and, as you will see from my testimonials, I've had amazing successes. I'm very proud of my ability to 'think outside the box', and crack through brick walls, but I also know when something is not worth pursuing, and I will always discuss this with you before you part with any money.

You have ancestors from Cambridgeshire, but you can't get to the local archives?

I can undertake research at the Cambridgeshire Record Office, 'the Cambridgeshire Collection', Cambridge University libraries. I can also undertake place photography within Cambridgeshire, including graves and memorials.

You have started some research yourself, but would like help sorting out what you've found, and checking that you're on the right track?

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the information you find when you start searching. I can help set you up with easy to use software, or just double check your data. It can be reassuring to have someone confirm the information you may have already collected, whether online or in the 'pre-internet' days!

I charge £30 per hour for general research. The packages above represent considerable savings on my hourly rate.

Please be aware that in some circumstances (such as illegitimacy or emigration), a trail may prove impossible to follow. If this happens, you will only be charged for the work I have already done.

I accept payment by cheque, bank transfer, or by Paypal.

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